Car Auto B Type Spring Bumper Power Cushion Buffer (Transparent)

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  • Model: B.

  • Material: Rubber.

  • Safety enhances CED when driving at sudden curves, unpaved and bumper road.

  • Shock absorber effects felt in high speed driving car.

  • Obviously reduce the shock of the chassis, enhance the comfortableness while driving, diminish the noise remarkably, enables to drive happier.

  • Effectively solve the spring’s exhaustion problem.

  • Promote and heighten the shock-absorption effects.

  • Protects the shock absorber and the suspension system, save the maintenance cost, lengthen life cycle of the braking component,

  • Vehicle body heightens by 3-5cm.

  • Very easy to install and no adverse effects on the vehicle.

Package Includes 1 × Car Auto B Type Spring Bumper Power Cushion Buffer


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