100pcs White Multi-functional Magic Sponge Eraser Cleaner(White)

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Made of eco materials, clean most of dust, stain without detergent.
Can be cut into any sizes for a suitable shape.
Can withstand high temperature of 280 degrees, the material is nano sponge, you can use the cleaning agent.
Good for clean sink, bathroom, refrigerator, range hood, etc. How to Use:
Soak sponge in the water, squeeze out water slightly;
Scrub on stain area gently;
Warm water may helpful;
Rinse the dirty sponge with cold water after use and let it dry. Caution:
Do not scrub too hard.
Do not use for glossy, polished surface, such as car, PC screen, etc.
Recommend to wear gloves when you use it.


Product Details: Color: white
Mateial: sponge
Quantity: 100pcs

Dimension & Weight: Weight:100g
Size: 100 x 60 x 15mm

Package Contents: 1 x Bag of Sponge Cleaner(100pcs)

Package Includes 1 x Bag of Sponge Cleaner(100pcs)


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