Tandawu Setline Fishing Line 100m 0.28mm 3.0#

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  • Suitable for spinning/threadline or overhead reels and can be used on fishing pole and feeder fishing.

  • Fishing Line feature breaks up the visibility in the water and prevents fish from detecting danger while allowing the angler to track the movements of the lure.

  • The distinctive construction  helps prevent line "dig in" on the spool and it allows for longer, smoother casts.

  • Length: 100m.

  • Line diameter is only 0.28mm

  • Fishing line push: 7.20kg.

  • Commercial Fishing quality

  • Small diameter compare to other brands that you can spool in more lines.

Package Includes 1 × Tandawu Setline Fishing Line 100m 0.28mm 3.0#


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