Inductance Circuit Tester (Black)

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  • A magic voltage sensor, DCY25. 

  • Checks wires without contacting the wires and tells you which is hot (fire), which is cold (ground), and amazingly, and no battery needed.

  • Checks voltage from 12V to 250V and shows segment display with digital numbers on it.

  • Wire hidden in the wall from surface, also it shows spark on the meter to tell you where there is a hot wire inside.

  • Checks both AC and DC with just one end touch, because your body makes the loop to make the measurement, so just one end touch, you can find out where the source comes from.

  • Perfect for home use and becomes handy when checking holiday lights.

  • Voltage sectional digital display 12V-250V.

Package Includes 1 × Inductance Circuit Tester


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