3.7V 870 mAh Exquisite Lithium Battery for Dopod C720 (Yellow)

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  • High quality and rechrageable high-capacity lithium battery core, secure, reliable, stable performance, ultra-high capacity, long standby time.

  • Capacity standard: 3.7V, 870mAh.

  • Suitable for Dopod C720.

  • UV wear-resistant surface on many occasions to deal with.

  • Original circuit design.

  • America DUKAN ultrasound process, super durable.

  • Built-in PCM, to prevent over charge, over-release, over-current.

  • The use of lead-free SMT process, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

Package Includes 1 × 3.7V 870mAh Exquisite Lithium Battery for Dopod C720


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