EHEAR E2 Bluetooth Headset/Smart DV Supports Android 2.3 Above Smartphones (Black)

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Small and sleek design
Lightweight, weighs less than an ounce
Can stream the moment
Stream live video anytime, anywhere with friends and family
Capture the surprise
Simply tap one button and you capture the last 30 seconds as a clip
Share the cool to your friends
Instantly share the moment with your friends and family

General Specs:  

Brand & Model: EHEAR E2

Smart Camrecorder:  

Aperture: f 3 lens (zoom and wide angle lenses available)

Depth of Focus: 2″ to infinity

FOV: 75°

Camera: 2.0M pixel

Video Decode: 320P 20fps
480P 15fps

Dimensions: 2.28cm x 1.65cm x 8.38cm

Weight: Lightweight design of only 20g (less than 1 oz.)

Battery Life: 1.5 hours in 320p
1 hours in 480p
8 hours in phone call

Video Format: Clips saved in 3gp

Memory: Support T-Flash Card,  64G Maxmium

Connection: Bluetooth / USB 3.0

Apps: EHEAR for Android


Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 3, V3.1+EDR and eSCO (up to 10m range), Hands Free Profile (HFP 1.5)

Microphone: Silicon MEMS microphone

Audio Quality: High quality audio (frequency response 80Hz to 4000Hz)

Noise Cancellation: DSP-based noise cancellation (CSR Clear Voice)

Talk Time: 5+ hours talk time

Range: Maximum distance from phone 33 feet

Live Video Streaming:  

Mobile to Mobile: Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, group streaming

Facebook: Live streaming to Facebook (via free EHEAR mobile app)

Adaptive Resolution: Adaptive resolution for Wi-Fi and 3G/4G streaming

Chat: Two-way voice chat and in-app text chat during broadcast

Broadcast Notification: Automatic broadcast notification (via push messages)

Video Capabilities:  

Live Streaming: VGA with adaptive streaming

Recording Clips: 480p @ 15fps
320p @ 20fps
320p @ 20fps

EHEAR Mobile APP:  

Control: Power ON/OFF
Answer Call / Hung up
Vdeio Shooting / Stop
Voice recording / Stop
Download video from EHEAR to Smart phone

Edit Vedio: Edit the topic to each Video by yourself
Delete selected vedio
Vedio Clips
Convert the video into image as gif format for easy share
Audio Clips 

Sharing on Live: Share the vedio to your friend or family
Share the vedio to Facebook or Youtube
Creat your own Vedio Blog on live


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